Pins? Badges? Buttons? Whatever you call them, those brightly-colored discs of joy have been a firm pop culture favorite for generations. With a variety of themed pin sets, PIN FALL lets you become a badge collector without weighing down the lapels of your denim jacket!

User review
Simple, addictive, and too clever by half, well worth the money

Simply swipe matching pins as they fall down the screen. The longer your chain, the better your score – but don’t get greedy or the pins will begin spilling out of the game area. A range of different modes will keep you busy:

Play through the LEVELS to unlock each set of pins. It might start easy, but your fingers will get a workout once the bomb patches are raining down!

Only got a couple of minutes to spare? Luckily that’s exactly how long it takes to play a round of RUSH – race against the clock and make use of the score multipliers to get to the top of the leaderboards.

If the frantic action is raising your blood pressure, relax with the CHILL mode – a never-ending torrent of your collected pins to mesmerize you without worrying about bombs, time limits or letting the badges spill out.